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Leaf Blowers - Electric

Electric leaf blowers are the choice by most homeowners with a modest sized yard. Generally, electric leaf blowers cost less in initial price ranging from $30 on up to over $100. There is very little maintenance in costs and time, and the electric leaf blowers are lighter in weight.

The overriding issue with electric leaf blowers is the cord. You must have an electrical outlet within reasonable distance to power the blower. Picture yourself wandering the yard with your electric leaf blower attached to five orange outdoor cords in tandem while you maneuver around trees, bird baths and flower beds. With a large yard this could be untenable. However, with a small area needing clearing close to the house, this may not be a problem.

Popular Products
1. Toro Ultra 12 Amp Electric Blower/Vac #51599
2. Troy-Bilt TB250B Gas
3. Troy-Bilt TB25BP Gas
4. Poulan Pro BVM200LE 25CC
5. Weed Eater EBV215 12 AMP
6. Black and Decker BV4000 Leaf Hog
7. Husqvarna 125B Gas
8. Makita BHX2500CA
9. Black & Decker NS118 18V cordless
10. Toro 51585 Power Sweep Corded
11. Black & Decker LH500 12A corded
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