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New Toro 3 in one

Toro has been creative with their new leaf blower’s attributes, if not its name…the Super Blower Vac. It runs on 225 mph max air speed with a two speed motor. The special part is its three in one capabilities…it’s a blower, vacuum and leaf shredder altogether. The normal ten bags of leaves now occupy the space of one after meeting up with the shredder. 

It’s light, weighing in at 7 pounds and easily switches from blower to vac. The Super Blower Vac is electric so there are no nasty emissions to be concerned with…but there is that pesky cord, keeping you tethered to the outlet. Toro equipped their tool with a lock that keeps the cord in place, if that is any consolation. 

As for price, it’s cheap at $60.

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