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Walk Behind Lawn Mowers

If you choose to go with a walk behind mower , you will then need to decide between a gas powered walk behind lawnmower and a reel/electric walk behind.

Reel/Electric Walk Behind Lawnmowers

For the environmentally conscious this has become an alternative to gas powered mowers. If your lawn is less than 1/3 acre you may consider this option. Battery technology is continually advancing making the area a cordless electric mower can mow even larger. Most reel and electric mowers require the lawn to be cut more often — consider this during as you make your decisions.

Things to keep in mind when choosing the reel/electric walk behind mower.
  • The size of the lawn (1/3 acre or less)
  • Environmental plusses
  • Frequency of cutting

Gas Powered Walk Behind Lawnmowers

To find the best walk behind lawnmower for you, you must consider your lawn and your needs. Walk behind mowers have many options that will affect your decision.

Self-propelled mowers will move forward allowing for a less strenuous time for you as you mow. Manual mowers will allow you to get a nice little workout as you push your mower through the yard.

A bag will collect the clippings for you to dispose of if you have a nice place to do so. Maybe you don't want to bag the clippings — almost all mowers come with mulching blades.

An electric starter will take away the need to be able to use the recoil start. Recoil starts have come a long way in their ease of use, but it still takes some effort.

The size of your lawn may make you desirous of a riding mower —consider that before purchasing. A lawn of 1/2 acre or less is typically cut with a walk-behind.

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