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Money Saving Tips

Negotiating price. As in any bargaining deal, negotiating the price on a lawnmower has much to do with your haggling ability and the salesperson. It is possible to negotiate the price of a new lawnmower down to below MSRP. Be well educated on the mower, your specific needs and the costs of those as you begin to bargain.

Another way to help lower the cost of your overall lawnmower needs is to buy everything at one location. You may be able to get some "extras" for free or at a reduced price. The dealer might be willing to throw in a hitch after you have spent the money for a riding mower..

Yet another way to save money on a lawnmower is to purchase it when your local home center is having a "10% off any purchase over xxxx dollars". This type of sale usually requires you to sign up for their credit card but saving a couple hundred dollars on a riding mower is worth it.

Used mowers can save you a significant amount of money on the purchase price, but there may be follow up costs in repairs that surpass your initial savings. There are many parts on a lawnmower that can need repair — be careful. Have the mower looked over by a dealer or a local lawnmower shop. Check to see that the oil has been changed regularly. A previously owned lawnmower that has been properly maintained can save you lots of money and give you the same great looking lawn a new mower will.

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