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Best lawn mower winter storage tips

With fall weather, and lawns getting ready for the winter months, itís time to think about putting your mower in hibernation.  But resist the temptation to wheel it into your garage and leave it there and instead do some maintenance to ensure easy start up in the spring.

First clean it. Then paint the chips and dings from the season to keep it from rusting. Check your manual for lubrication locations. Look the blade over for wear and tear and sharpen it with a file if necessary. Then look for belts that may need replacing.

Change the oil if you havenít done it recently and check the air filter for excess dirt. Most manufacturers say to drain your fuel system before storing. For optimum performance come spring, remove the battery, charge it and store in a dry location for spring rebirth.

Not much in the way of activity, but youíll appreciate it when you pull the chain in the spring and it hums into action.

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