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So you have an idea what you need and what you want when it comes to an efficient and effective dishwasher. Now it is time to think about style.

First think color. Many of the models come in the trendy stainless steel to match other appliances in the kitchen. Keep in mind stainless steel smudges easily, is harder to keep clean and can cost extra.

Look for a one piece door for a sleeker and cleaner look. One highly attractive option is the ability to match the door to the cabinetry in your kitchen. If this is something you would like, make sure it is an option on the dishwasher of your choice. Some machines opt to keep the controls hidden on top of the door. Lower priced models include dials and buttons rather than touchpads.

If you have been paying attention to home and garden magazines and television shows you have seen the new "dish drawer". They may make sense for a second dishwasher at a bar or playroom location in your home, however they have not shown themselves as stellar cleaners. For your main dishwasher, the dish drawer would be a stack of two independently functioning machines. Smaller loads could then be done more efficiently. The dish drawer is an expensive, yet trendy option.

Thirty inch wide models are also showing up on showroom floors with additional capacity.

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