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Are you using all of your dishwashers abilities?

There may be some hidden talents in your dishwasher. Next time you have a few empty inches in your dishwasher, think about these applications:
-Got kids? Put those teething rings, germ infested pacifiers and some of those small bath toys in the dishwasher for some quick and effective cleaning. Just remember to turn off the heating element to prevent melting.
-Shower accessories full of gunk? Just throw them in the dishwasher to get rid of incipient soap scum before it becomes a problem.
-Toothbrushes and holders are other good candidates for cleaning. They’ll get clean and disinfected all in one wash.
-Are your light fixture globes a tad dusty or greasy? Carefully place them in your dishwasher for a painless way to keep the light shining through.
-The dispensers of fabric softener and bleach in your clothes washer could use some cleaning. Just plop them in on your next dish load and voila, they are clean again.
Then sit back and relax while your dishwasher does the work.

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