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Electrolulx undercounter with water softener

One of the down sides of dishwashers are the spotty glasses you end up rewashing…no more says Electrolux. They’ve included a built in water softener that makes one hundred per cent of all the incoming water soft, soft, soft. There’s an “atmospheric booster” that the Electrolux people say will leave every plate, glass and sippy cup clean, sanitary without tell tale spots or stains. The method includes two resin containers plus a sensor that checks the balance of the water. When the water gets above a certain level in hardness leaving the first softener container, it automatically switches to the second. All you have to do is refill the container with salt when the dishwasher prompts you…and that is just a quick refill on the front of the door.
All of Electrolux Professional’s undercounter and hood dishwashers have this neat little extra. If you have hard water, this may be a glass saver!

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