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High definition camcorder - Sony HDR-HC1

Before you go out and buy a new camcorder, there are some new edits in the digital video camera market.

Even though your TV most likely is equipped with high definition, most camcorders on the market are not. This is changing, but keep this in mind as you shop the aisles of your big retailers. The standard def models still produce good quality video and turn out DVDís more than adequate for most TV screens. If this is an issue with you, however, there are a couple of camcorders worth looking at.

Sonyís HandyCam HDR-HC1 records in high definition format. Unfortunately the files generated are huge and your computer will have to have some muscle to decode the mammoth compression. Neither will a lot of non linear editing software support this format. And if you find you have the PC power, think hours to render files, rather than minutes.

The good news is that the video recorder market is continuing to grow and major brands will be looking for ways to distinguish themselves and produce cutting edge products.

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