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Camcorder Codecs

The technology behind camcorders is changing as rapidly as all other tech applications. So how to choose?

The current choice is between picture quality and storage capacity, as you look at various media - DV tape, DVD or disk recording media. Sony and Panasonic have gotten together to advance a new compression format embodied in the Sony Handycam HDR-SR1. This format is called AVHCD and helps provide over ten hours of recording in 1080i resolution, a nifty combo. The HDR-SR1 is hand sized even though there is a 30 gigabyte hard drive inside. You can view the action in its generous 3.5 inch swivel screen with touch capability. The sound is Dolby Digital 5.1 via a top mounted mike, or your choice, a mike jack for that first “dada” from your babycakes. The resolution is gonna look sharp on that HD TV you got for Christmas as well.

Only negative comes with a dearth of software non linear editing applications. Final Cut Pro and Adobe’s Premiere don’t support the HDR yet. But if you don’t aspire to Spielberg-ian heights, this camcorder could be perfect for you.

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