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Are Sebo Vacuums worth the Price?
Original Message   Sep 21, 2017 10:38 am
Hello, I am searching for a good vacuum. I have a dog that sheds a lot. I have been recommended to buy a Sebo or Carpet pro. Is it worth the price? I heard these machines can last a life time... Walmart has one for $699. Sebo G1. I am not familiar with vacuums. What is the difference between a $150 Bissell and a $699 Sebo? Thank you all in advance.
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Re: Are Sebo Vacuums worth the Price?
Reply #1   Sep 29, 2017 8:25 pm
Sebos are excellent and will last well more than a decade (or decades) if properly maintained. They are also relatively quiet and are very good at filtering the air. The G1 is a no-nonsense vacuum with easy to use manual carpet height adjustment (which many prefer to auto-adjusting heads - or those machines with no adjustment at all). It really is made for commercial use, which adds credibility to its durability. The super-long power cord is much appreciated. Probably the biggest 'opportunity' for this vacuum is there is no beater-bar on/off switch like Sebo's higher-end models so it always runs... not good for hard flooring. If your house is mostly carpet, it is ideal. If you have pets the Sebo has a button to open the side-plate and you can easily extract the roller bar for hair removal and put it back easily. This function also allows for easy beater-bar replacement when the original gets worn 7-10 years out, and replacements are not all that expensive. It is made in Germany. Bissell is Chinese plastastic that will probably survive 1-3 years. The Sebo does have a dust bag and pre-motor and post motor filter. For taking dust out of the air of your home, much preferred. With these higher end machines, ALWAYS stick with the OEM bag replacements, even if they cost a couple bucks more. I have no love for bagless vacuums as they generally degrade quickly and are disgusting to clean. If using the Sebo OEM bag and change before it overflows, the inside of the bag compartment should remain spotless for years. Not sure if the Bissell you are eying is bagless?
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Re: Are Sebo Vacuums worth the Price?
Reply #2   Oct 15, 2017 5:31 am
Be careful. Yes they are well made but their actual cleaning power is not up to the best in the industry. Also, if you have a soft deep pile carpet you will need to use a special brush roll they sell with green bristles. The original brush roll has hard blue bristles. Soft carpets create enough drag on the brush to fool the belt sensor into thinking there is a jam, at which point the vacuum shuts itself off. Very frustrating. Germans over doing the electronics. The green bristle brush roll solves that problem but you have to buy it separately. The G1 is a pretty old design with no means to turn the brush roll off for above floor cleaning or for cleaning hard floors. The Sebo 370 drives its brush roll with a separate motor that can be turn off. It also has a wider nozzle and the suction inlet is more centered in the nozzle, which makes the suction even across the width of the nozzle. Carpet Pro has more suction and airflow than Sebo (I measure these things) and shrugs off deep pile carpets. They have good attachments and most are now made in the US. My only criticism is that since they are a shameless copy of the original Panasonic Jet Flo design the suction inlet is all the way over on the right side of the nozzle so the left side has less suction than the right. The Sebo G1 has the exact same shortcoming (most modern uprights do, only Aerus Lux, some Electrolux and Sanitaire uprights, Kirby and the metal bodied Royal commercial upright put the suction inlet dead center). Btw, you might want to look at an Aerus Lux upright. They are very good and every bit as durable as a Sebo.

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Re: Are Sebo Vacuums worth the Price?
Reply #3   Mar 12, 2022 7:19 pm
Sebo claims that their X7 Premium vac offers a "boost" brush mode (switch selected) that makes it more aggressive on carpet, as well as a headlight.

The Sebo E3, one of their newer Canisters, uses the older ET-1 head which does work well on ultra plush carpet and has LED indicators for bare floor (yellow = brush off), carpet (green = brush on), jam (slow blinking red), not engaged to rug (steady or rapidly pulsing red).
Their Felix, due to weight on powerhead, tends to bog down in ultra plush carpet, and its flexible hose, if collapsed by suction, can yank the vac over / towards you.  However, Sebo  now offers both a soft brush roll and a high-airflow front bumper for the ET-1 that minimize bogging down problems (Vacuums R Us Youtube videos will offer more details)....found the changes definitely helped.

IMHO Sebo's improved over the years and their vacs are generally solidly built, generally quiet, have long lasting motors ( my previous Felix was going strong after 15 years of use) and a long list of spare parts. Sebo air filtration's good but not quite HEPA class.
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