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Re: Compact 'Always Beauty Clean' power nozzle
#1   Dec 2, 2022 11:27 pm
I found some good images of an ABC on "that other site", including one of the nozzle flipped over, but none with the bottom plate removed to reveal the guts. It reminds me a lot of a Lux Ze3. You might get lucky and be able to use a Ze3 brush roll. What is the length from the outside surface of each end cap to the other? And how far from the outside edge of the end cap to the center of where the belt rides?
Re: Aquiring used vacuums
#2   Nov 25, 2022 9:46 am
I'd rather use our 40 year old family hand-me-down Kenmore "Sears Best 4.1" with its Powermate than anything Die-soon ever made. 40 years old and it produces as much suction and airflow as most modern vacuums based on tests I do with instruments. It cleans well and is easy to use. It will be cleaning our home long after your new Die-soon is being recycled.
Re: Compact 'Always Beauty Clean' power nozzle
#3   Nov 24, 2022 11:05 pm
I am pretty sure I know the power nozzle you refer to, though I have only seen a few images of it on that site you mention. There is an old fellow who rebristles brush rolls but only very old ones using natural fibers. His name has been mentioned on that site. I approached him once about rebristling my Hoover Quadraflex power nozzle brush strips but those were synthetic and too modern for him. Sigh. I have long forgotten his contact info but that site you mention has people who definitely know. Btw, one of those power nozzles is on my Holy Grail list. I'm a little weird for Compacts, Tristars and their copies. I have a Compact Model 1, a C2 and a nice C4 and two EX-30s I found in Japan where Tristars are surprisingly popular, plus newer models. Do you know if those came with C-6s or some other model? Btw, if you look up a power nozzle sold with EUropean Electroluxes called the Ze3 they have a similarity. You know I wonder if there is a modern brush roll that happens to fit? How long is the brush roll and is the belt all the way at one end like a Eureka Vibragroomer or Tristar Turbo Brush, or offset from the end like a Hoover Quadraflex or modern Kenmore brush roll? You might get lucky and find a modern brush roll that fits, though you might have to swap end caps or otherwise be creative.
Re: Compact 'Always Beauty Clean' power nozzle
#4   Nov 19, 2022 4:50 pm
I'm a little confused by your question. The Constellation and Quik Broom were both suction only, no power nozzle with a rotating brush. Early Celebrities were likewise suction only but later versions came with Quadraflex Power nozzles. The brush strips and complete brush rolls are long ago discontinued and after years of trying I can find no other brush strip that fits the wide slot in the Quadraflex brush roll. NOS brush rolls and brush strips turn up on eBAy with some regularity however. I have accumulated a stash of Quadraflex parts that way.
Re: I'm done with bags and I need some advice on bagless models.
#5   Sep 17, 2022 6:20 pm
There isn't a bagless vacuum made I would ever recommend, even to someone I disliked, because it would become yet another reason to dislike me. To me you might as well just buy an old fashioned shake out bag upright. They are simpler and less trouble overall than any bagless vacuum. I share your low opinion of the Miele. I know this makes me a Philistine to many vacuum enthusiasts but while the quality of their canisters is superb, the hose is just plain miserable, too short as you say, simultaneously too stiff yet easy to kink, no repair parts so if the hose starts to act up you have to buy a whole new hose and Miele attachments are worse than those on old Hoover uprights. If you want a really good canister with a long hose, buy a Kenmore Elite 21814. They have an 8 foot long hose. If you always use the genuine Kenmore Style Q synthetic HEPA dust bag you never have dirt in the bag chamber. Their bags are superb and seal perfectly to the lid where aftermarket copies of the Q bag have thin mounting cards and always leak dust. Use the Kenmore CF-1 pre motor filter with the genuine Q bag and you have filtration equal to anything Miele ever made. The Kenmore 81614 or BC4027 are another great canister with different power nozzles and a 7 foot long hose. Can't really say enough good things about Kenmore canister vacuums. The prices are reasonable, filter and bag prices are humane and they have perhaps the best hand brush in their Pet Powermate, compared to the crappy air driven hand brush Miele sells as an accessory. You can repair anything on them so they are not throw away vacuums. Even the hose can be repaired, every part is available. The Elite series are about the most powerful vacuums sold in the US with huge airflow. If you want a good upright at a reasonable price the Hover Hushtone commercial uprights are a great value. Hover synthetic HEPA bags use a really good material and the inside of the vacuum will stay clean using them. If you have the money a Windsor commercial upright is my preferred choice. They are custodian proof and will last a lifetime in most households. Don't buy the Sebo version with the automatic height adjuster. Too slow to adjust and adds complication. Stick with simple models with manual height adjustment. Again, use their synthetic HEPA dust bags. With these you won't have to deal with dust when emptying the vacuum.
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