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Re: I'm done with bags and I need some advice on bagless models.
#1   Apr 17, 2023 2:28 pm
Wrt Bagless vacuums, beware of Miele CX1 models.  They have an internal, hidden HEPA filter that requires major disassembly by an experienced vacuum tech to clean (an entire internal housing must be replaced to change the filter).  As for bag smells, Sebo offers bag deodorizers that work reasonably well.
Re: Sebo C3.1 repair or replace?
#2   Jun 14, 2022 11:16 am
I use both Sebo E3 and Miele C3 UniPro, and have found both remarkably similar though Sebo is far cheaper: both work well on ultraplush carpets and bare floors.  Sebo's a  little quieter, lighter, easier to maneuver.  Miele filters better, powerbrush controls easier to access, offers autosuction feature.  I also owned the C3.1 and found it rather loud and quirky, though it did clean decently (it was traded for a Mlele Blue Moon which is still soldiering along)..
Re: Are Sebo Vacuums worth the Price?
#3   Mar 12, 2022 7:19 pm
Sebo claims that their X7 Premium vac offers a "boost" brush mode (switch selected) that makes it more aggressive on carpet, as well as a headlight.

The Sebo E3, one of their newer Canisters, uses the older ET-1 head which does work well on ultra plush carpet and has LED indicators for bare floor (yellow = brush off), carpet (green = brush on), jam (slow blinking red), not engaged to rug (steady or rapidly pulsing red).
Their Felix, due to weight on powerhead, tends to bog down in ultra plush carpet, and its flexible hose, if collapsed by suction, can yank the vac over / towards you.  However, Sebo  now offers both a soft brush roll and a high-airflow front bumper for the ET-1 that minimize bogging down problems (Vacuums R Us Youtube videos will offer more details)....found the changes definitely helped.

IMHO Sebo's improved over the years and their vacs are generally solidly built, generally quiet, have long lasting motors ( my previous Felix was going strong after 15 years of use) and a long list of spare parts. Sebo air filtration's good but not quite HEPA class.
Re: Miele Oddity
#4   Mar 12, 2022 7:07 pm
Apparently this oddity is still true -  top end Miele cannisters save the Alize still use regular rubber castors.
Re: I'm done with bags and I need some advice on bagless models.
#5   Mar 12, 2022 7:03 pm
Some professional vac shops advising avoiding baking soda like the plague, especially with bagless vacuums as they found severe dust invasion and motor damage from the soda. 
Dyson repeatedly warns against vacuuming up fine powers like plaster dust as it will get into and clog cyclones and pre motor filters.
Even a bagged vac can have trouble with baking soda unless the bag's filtrette-style and __very__ thick walled (Miele Air Clean bags are good in this regard).
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