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Astro-Physics telescopes

If you want to take a step up in your star gazing, look for a custom designed and manufactured telescope made by Astro-Physics, Inc.

Only jack up your patience quotient, for the company basically handcrafts its telescopes and each year the entire production lines are changed to build different or new iterations.

Who are their customers? First of all, the wealthy as these star magnifying agents run from four to twelve thousand dollars. Most are professionals that look for more than a great view. They are aiming to take photographs of the universe or just want an extra special extra terrestrial experience. Astro-physics is known for its “notification” list. You sign up for the scope or mount you would like. When they know how many of them they will be making that season, they begin contacting people on their notification list, in order of longest tenure on the list. You get a short amount of time to commit to purchase. If you miss it, they go on to the next person until all the scopes to be produced are committed. Yeah, they’re that special. 

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