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Fiberglass pools

Which way to go... fiberglass, gunite or vinyl?

Gunite pools are the most complex of inground pool approaches, with concrete and reinforced steel mesh. There is no vinyl lining and you can get most any shape you desire...if they can dig a hole that size, you can have a pool that size. The Gunite pool finishes are varied as well with a plaster or pebble finish just two of the options. High quality and high price are watermarks of a Gunite pool.

Vinyl liner pools are often rectangular pools, but there are a variety of shapes available. The popularity of this pool option has prompted manufacturers to produce new liner patterns and colors, for a wider choice in your pool landscaping pleasure. Optional features add to the price, but they are often worth the extra cost for the aesthetic benefits.

Fiberglass advocates claim lowest maintenance and fewer required chemicals with these one piece pools installed directly into the ground. There are many styles and shapes to choose from and you will most likely get a quicker install with fewer problems. However, these types of pools attract builders looking to make a quick dollar or two with little or no experience.

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