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Summer pool checklist

Summertime and the living is easy…just as soon as you remove the pool cover and turn on the water. But before we blow up the kiddies Shamu pool toy and yell last one in is a rotten egg, there are some tips to keep you and your family safe.

Make sure you install those drain covers. With flat old fashioned drains, get special anti entanglement drain covers, that will prevent hair from getting caught and an accidental drowning.

Make sure there is an automatic suction cut-off device for your pump. This way when there is an increase in pressure due to a seal over the drain (read a young swimmer in the pool getting sucked by the drain at 400 or 500 pounds of pressure) the pump will automatically be shut off and the pressure released.

For new pool construction, install two drains. This way the pressure from each drain will be cut in half.

No dozing poolside when your kids are inside the fence of the swimming pool. If your child is small, be within an arms length.

Have a safe and happy summer!!

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