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Snow Thrower
Model No: 926DLE
Manufacturer: Ariens

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Avg. Price: $1471
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First runs of my new 926DLE
Jan 9, 2005 1:40 pm
Joined: Sep 7, 2004

My Spokane neighborhood received the first real snow of the season, with 11 inches of powdery stuff through this morning. I blew the driveway twice - the deepest was about 8 inches. Some observations:

The engine starts instantly with the electric starter. What a joy! The hand cord takes a stiff pull, but the engine fires easily.

The traction control system works great - I only had to lock the axle when working the snirt (OED) which was heavy with sand. I was really ticked because the city plow had gone by in both directions, so I attacked the EOD with vigor and was just putting the machine away when the plow appeared again and swamped the lower 8 feet of my driveway (including the entire sidewalk) with the stuff I had just cleared. I said some really bads things and recleared the area. At least it was good practice.

I then lowered the skids all the way and cleared my backyard around the house and bird feeders. There is a fairly steep slope at one point that I was concerned about getting back up, but the machine climbed it with no problem with the axle unlocked. Those tires work great!

The heated grips seemed at first as if they would be a great feature, but I got so warm maneuvering the thrower that I never needed to switch them on. Maybe if it were really wet weather they would be nice. I don't think they should factor into a purchase decision - consider them icing on the cake.

I have only two serious gripes:

The exhaust blows STRAIGHT into your face when you lean down to engage the traction control. The situation is aggravated by the fact that when the wheel is clogged with snow you have to spend a few seconds fiddling with the pin to get it to pop into its detent. This is crap engineering and a mild safety/ health issue - the muffler needs a deflector or a 90 degree elbow to blow the fumes forward. Or the traction control needs to be re-engineered to put the pin on the opposite side. You can eliminate the problem by walking around to the left side of the machine, but this shouldn't be necessary in the first place!

The 9 bhp engine seems to be plenty adequate except when attacking the really deepest part of the EOD, but it could do with a little bit more.... I am hoping I can figure out what the differences are between the 9 bhp and 11.5 bhp engines - they appear to be identical in every respect as far as I can tell by the Ariens literature. If a bigger carb would give me an additional 2.5 bhp I would go for it.

As I pointed out in an earlier post at the old site, I found the chain adjustment to be a PITA because the sprockets are out of round. You have to locate the tight spot and adjust the tension there and live with the resulting slop elsewhere. When the season is over I will see if a local shop will fix it under warranty. I understand this is NOT at all uncommon. Again, some better engineering or better quallity control is in order.

All in all, a very satisfying piece of equipment . I am a happy thrower.


Date Purchased: 10/04
Price Paid: $1426
Recommend: Yes
The only reason I didn't give the machine 5 stars was due to the exhaust issue, and the fact that my local Ariens dealer is a 110% @sshole.

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