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Product Reviews for Toro CCR3650GTS snowblower

Toro CCR3650GTS snowblower
Model No: 3650
Manufacturer: Toro

(Based on 2 reviews)
Avg. Price: $563
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A blowin' little hummer
Dec 23, 2004 1:59 pm
Joined: May 22, 2003

The Toro has been deflowered! We've got 4-5 inches so far, still coming down and I couldn't wait...Supposed to get another 6-8 tomorrow. (I guarantee the "Pre-season" prices are over in Columbus Ohio.

The little 3650 did everything it was supposed to do. Started first pull. Snow was light but packable, threw a good 25-30 feet when I set the chute to really sling it. Air was still so I wasn't getting any help from wind.

The crank on the chute stays put so far and I liked not having to reach over to flip the chute. I had to push some thru the EOD but it handles the 12" just fine. Motor really governed in and didn't bog at all, just kept throwing.

My only complaint is that is has quite a bit of "torque steer" to borrow a driving term. When going thru heavier snow or blowing at a faster pace the blower tends to step out due to the torque generated by the snow meeting the paddles. Because with a single stage, there's only 75 lbs of machine so the torque is more noticeable to the operator than on a 275 lb two stage. It's easy to adjust to, either slow down or take smaller bites. The handles are designed to allow you to keep your hands to the outside of the top handle to help counter steer. It's something I know I'll get used to.

As I finish this, there's another inch on the ground since I threw. Hopefully I'll get to use it another time or two for this storm.

Part II

As I began the intitial review we had several inches of nice snow which I blew away with ease, and more was still on the way.
I decided to wait for the next event until today. Well the forecasters missed it again and the snow gave way to sleet which gave way to a glazing rain! Now I knew I wished I had a two stage. However, I knew the single was going to be better than a shovel, and all of my new neighbors still shovel, so I'm still better off than them.

I start tackling it, and its really hard to push thru due to the ice. I had close to 4 inches with about 1/2" of ice on top(The ice was wicked enough to allow me to walk on top of the snow (190 lbs worth)). I had to either push VERY hard or just kind of ram into to it to get it to fly. The little 6.5 hp R*Tek just kept on hammerin' and we'd get thru it!

Once I had a path thru, I could take half swipes at it at a continuous forward direction (No more ramming into it). This snow was wierd, chunky in spots, wet in spots, all with a hefty dose of ice. Still the blower threw it 15-25 feet.

We occassionally get bigger snows than this, but in terms of difficulty this is the worst kind of snow that we get. And while I'm sure a two stage would have had an easier time, I (and the neighbors that I blew out) sure think this little thing is the cats @ss!

Date Purchased: 11/2004
Price Paid: $550
Recommend: Yes
Easy start
Great throwing distance
Cleans to the surface
Plenty of power

Torque steer

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