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Product Reviews for Craftsman Snow Blower

Craftsman Snow Blower
Model No: 88775
Manufacturer: Craftsman

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Avg. Price: $810
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Craftsman 88775 Snow Blower
Feb 14, 2005 11:34 pm
Joined: Dec 2, 2002

At the time I bought it I was convinced this machine could not be beat in its price range. Now well into my third winter with it I still feel that way. Snowfall during this time has been above average in my area with at least one storm 24-30" each year plus many lesser storms.

This machine has had no problems at all, throwing 30-40 feet comparing well with the performance of many 10HP machines. In slushy snow I see my neighbors' machines throwing maybe 5 feet - if they aren't completely clogged - and I'm still throwing 20 feet.

Other than the skids it has not needed any adjustments at all - belts are all as adjusted at the factory. I'm no longer concerned about long term durability. Even the paint is holding up well. Unfortunatley this model does not seem to be offered by Sears anymore. The closest thing is the 88180 which has practically the same motor (rated @ 8HP) but is less deluxe (lacks the headlight, one hand controls, steel chute, and console mounted shifter) - and is less expensive. Still that model is well worth considering based on my experience with the 88775.

Date Purchased: December 2002
Price Paid: $810
Recommend: Yes
Outstanding 7.75HP Briggs OHV motor, very smooth
16" square shoulder tires with excellent traction
Very bright 37 watt halogen headlight
Tall all-steel chute and very strong handlbars
Single hand operation from either side
Fast ground speed to clear light snow efficiently
Fairly easy to maneuver for a 240lb machine
Free-flow square chute resists clogging

No muffler guard (but I added one)
No remote chute deflector control
Does not go quite as fast as it looks :)

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