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How to save on your energy bills

Just when the heating bills decline, the cost of air conditioning goes up. How can you cut your monthly electric bills? Look to your fridge for a minute and see if you can lower your bill just a teensy bit.

Does your fridge have enough space around it to maintain good air flow? How about inside? Is there good circulation between items in your refrigerator? Think an inch or two to keep the air circulating and therefore the temp cooler and the costs down. Open the door as little as possible keeping the cool air inside. Don't stand in front of an open door contemplating tonight's meal. It might help to move like things together so you will know where things are instead of groping around for the leftover ham or yesterday' pasta. Some figures place up to twenty percent of energy costs of operating a refrigerator to the opened door.

Got two fridges? Put the second one in the coolest part of the house. The hotter the air is around your refrigerator, the more energy it takes to keep it cool. And while we're on it, it makes sense to never place your fridge next to your stove. In the summer your fridge is your friend…be a friend back and you could save enough to put some filet mignon in the meat bin.

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