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French door refrigerators

If you really like those French door refrigerators, double side by side doors on top and a pull out freezer on the bottom, hereís a nice step forward from Maytag.

For just over $2,000 look for their three door (called the Maytag Ice2O) with an ice and water dispenser on the door itself. Most of the French door models still have the water for drinking on the inside, not the best option for your wallet (the chilly air zooms out every time junior gets a drink) or for your convenience.

And someone was thinking overtime at Maytag when they came up with a light by the dispenser, guiding you to the water or ice when going for that midnight snack. Unfortunately the icemaker didnít produce the goods, making less than half the amount of ice as other comparable fridges. The ice maker is stuck next to the fresh food section rather than on the door, so you may be sticking your spinach and lettuce on top of ice if you run out of space. All in all, the Ice2O is a nice ideaÖjust poor execution.

And by the way, keep in mind most refrigerators last well beyond the extended warranty, so donít succumb to the sales pitch to purchase that pricey option.

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