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Re: Ariens Parts Frustration
#1   Nov 16, 2011 7:15 pm
Snowmann wrote:
The dealer is probably looking through PartSmart which is revised quarterly, hence the information is always up to 3 months obsolete. If you look up the owners manual on, it gives the seal washer part number in the service parts section, the parts manual will give you all the part numbers, as will the Parts Radar online search. The place your looking is the only place -without- the latest information. Your earlier posting said you stripped out the top cover. Why then are you only looking for a new filler bolt and washer? You'll need at least a new top cover and washer. Inspect the screw and gasket for damage. Get the OEM part numbers you need from one of the sources on and order them through your dealer. And yes, they are special parts. Semblex Rolok filler screw and a concave bonded seal washer, you won't find these at ACE. Use the OEM parts, anything else and your warranty is void (all 5 years of it). When you reinstall everything, make sure to reference the latest owners manual from the Ariens website for torque specs for the filler screw. The torque specs for the top cover are in your previous thread. I hope this helps.

They did have the cover and gasket in stock.  It was just the fill screw and washer that wasn't.  They did order them for me from Ariens so I hope to do the repair this weekend - carefully.  I guess it's better to err on the loose side with the cover and fill screws.  I have no confidence using the tourqe wrench.  Curois though... Is the fill fill screw actually supposed to be tourqed to 12.5 foot lbs?
Re: Ariens Parts Frustration
#2   Nov 15, 2011 11:10 pm
Thanks all.  Jack's was the place that told me they would update their database and call me - twice - but I never heard from them.  I was surprised given their high rating on google.  I called Ariens today and they directed me to a dealer local to them that was responsive.  This dealer said they'd ship today.  Hopefully all set assuming I don't screw up the machibe again... 
Re: does this look right?
#3   Nov 14, 2011 11:21 pm
Always exciting trying to figure out what to do with a mysterious new-found hole!  Good Luck.
Ariens Parts Frustration
#4   Nov 14, 2011 11:16 pm
I am having trouble obtaining two small parts for my new Deluxe 30 with cast iron gear case.  I need to get this beast ready for snow - she's hungry!  I Have looked at a popular retailer online and twice within a week have been told they have to call Ariens, add it to the database and they'll call me back.  But they haven't.  I need the auger gear case fill screw and washer,  They are item numbers 06400020 and 07400110.  Does anyone know a good source?  Can I Call Ariens direct?



Re: Help with new Ariens snow blower gear case
#5   Nov 12, 2011 10:01 am
Snowmann wrote:
Actually this isn't correct. You can re-use the hardware for the top cover mounts (4 bolts and starlock washers), but the clamp load is important. There is a rubber gasket under the cover that requires a certain clamp load to seal. 96 to 144 in-lbs is the spec.

Does the clamp load mean the the screws have to be set to a certain tourqe or is there another tool I need?  Also, the blower manual states "reinstall filler screw and seal washer to 12,5 lbf-ft"  The comma didn't make sense to me.  As a complete newbie with a tourqe wrench, I set it to 12.5 foot pounds. Was I incorrect?
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