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Re: Help in starting a brand new Ariens 926 DLE w/ Tecumseh OHSK engine.
#1   Dec 4, 2005 6:53 pm
Here is a clipping from the Arien's manual

If you use these positions, based on figuring the tank would be at the top of the illustration, as though you were standing along side the machine, you'd have the valve closed, not open in the position illustrated on the right.

Looking at the illustration again, I think the valve is pictured on its side, and the stubby thing they show coming off the round part is the part of the valve that's connected to the hose from the fuel tank. So, in this illustration, the tank would have to be to the left of the valve, rather than on top. This led to confusion the first time I tried to start the machine, unsuccessfully. I tried the valve the other way on a hunch that maybe the book was wrong, and I was right.

The Tecumseh engine manual illustrates it correctly.

There we go.
Re: Help in starting a brand new Ariens 926 DLE w/ Tecumseh OHSK engine.
#2   Dec 4, 2005 3:20 pm

Go back to your Ariens machine, and if the fuel valve is facing this way (-) , or horizontal, turn it this way ( I ), verticle. Then try it.

I just went out to my machine to confirm the postion on my 7524 is contrary to what the owners manual says. This morning I blew some snow, and then turned the valve to the ( - ) position and waited for it to run out of gas, which it did. I remember when I first got the machine I tried to start it going by the book, and wound up just as frustrated as you. Pulled the plug - dry, checked for fuel, you name it. Then I turned the valve the opposite of what the book says and on the second pull she fired up.

So I just looked at the manual and it says horizontal is open, but it's not.

Good luck.

Re: Toro Model 826LE versus Ariens 7524E Compact
#3   Nov 4, 2005 3:54 pm
I was thinking of the same two models, and went with the Ariens, which the dealer nearby sold to me for $759. Word is that Home Depot has it for the same price. I think the OHV 7.5 in a compact machine ought to throw snow very well. I cant wait to use it. The Toro was too big for my needs - storage, transport, maneuvering, and financial wise.

I dont think you'd go wrong with either, go look at the two machines, and see how they'd work with your space, strength, and wallet.

Re: Does size matter, ie:24" vs 28" plus other questions.
#4   Oct 31, 2005 3:18 pm
I bought an Arien 7524 the other day, and sometimes wonder if I should have gone bigger. But then I remember the reason why I bought what I did.

I returned a 5.5hp troy-bilt to Lowes because I'd been thinking it was underpowered and under built. Then I looked a Toros. They're huge. Then I saw the 6.5 hp Honda. Nice, but I don't have 1700 bucks to spend. But, the size of the Honda appealed to me, because that meant less problems with storage and maneuverability. So then someone on this forum suggested the Ariens, and I went to look at it. $759 plus tax. Given my limited budget, it fit. The other thing is that it fits nicely in my minivan without even having to fold the bars down. It takes two people to pick it up and put it in there, or as I've discovered, a set of car ramps will do, but since it's only 160lbs, I can (if I'm careful) take it out van and put it on the ground myself. This means a lot to me. The Toros I looked at were so massive, that if I needed to bring it anywhere, I don't think I could without a pickup truck.

It's easy to move around, easy to store, and for a compact machine, it's got a lot of motor. I've got 150' of sidewalk, and 28' x 28' of driveway. 24" or 26", the difference is small, it you ask me. Either way I'm probably making the same number of passes. Especially on the sidewalk, since I've got to walk it around the corner and back anyway, so it's going to always be two passes. And the driveway will probably take another couple of minutes with a compact than if I'd gotten a monster. Big deal. I'm happy I kept it under a grand and a manageable size.

I look forward to seeing how well it blows snow.
Re: Brand new Ariens 7524 does not sit squarely on the floor
#5   Oct 29, 2005 3:46 pm
OK, the dealer made it all right. I huffed the thrower into the back of the minivan, and brought it to the dealer. He started to dismiss a few things, and tell me it was "Mickey Mouse" stuff I was talking about, but he got where I was coming from when I explained that the money I paid for this unit yesterday was a significant outlay for me right now, and that I was concerned that maybe I bought the wrong machine, given that it's brand new but misaligned and the paint is peeling off the auger's shaft, as well as one of the rubber pads that stop the control lever from chewing the handle bar was missing. At that point he told me not to worry, that he'd take care of any of my concerns under warranty. He had one of his guys redo the skid adjustment, got it level, and then showed me that depending on where you park it, it's gonna teeter a little bit because floors and the way the tires are mounted change things. OK, fine. Then I asked him if he had any orange paint for the scratch on the housing, and he gave me a whole spray can "for my troubles". He told me he was going to order a bunch of the rubber pads on the handlebars and that I should stop buy and pick some up when I'm in the neighborhood.

I'm satisfied now. NOW LETS SEE SOME SNOW!!! I'VE GOT SOME THROWING TO DO!!! (It's not coming next week, that's for sure, they're calling for mid-60's here... bummer ;-) )
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