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Re: While I wait for the snow, what about the fuel?
#1   Dec 28, 2011 9:27 pm
niper99 wrote:
...of course this ONLY pertains to straight gas and NOT mixed gas.

I was told never to dump old mixed(2 cycle)gas in my truck as it might cause damage to the evaporative emission devices and cause the "check engine" indicator to light up. You might then fail State inspection which will compel you to waste money on this political device. :')
Re: SeaFoam test
#2   Jan 3, 2010 10:22 pm
trouts2 wrote:
Borat:  Sounds like you might be skeert to find out!</p><p>The above is pretty weird Borat , get a grip.  Posed over here with all silly stuff.  </p><p>You need to re-read the posts about RPMs.  If you are quite positive about how Toro configures their Brigs engines RPM and have an issue with 3300 RPM then you should contact the factory reps and their tech pub department.
Borat is's just a minor personality quirk. I have my own ideosynchrosies but I find I need to work at taming them else I would have a lot less friends in the world. ;')

To make this Seafoam Test more scientific will take additional labor and another head gasket but will adding some in the gas tank and running the machine have different results? It may possibly work similar to water injection. Just my 2 cents.
Re: Picked up my new blower
#3   Dec 7, 2009 9:11 pm
Wow 600 feet of driveway! I would be thinking Ram 2500 or equivalent with a plow.
But what the heck...if your into snowblowing. ;') Good luck with your new toy.

I have a 2003 1128DLE Ariens with the old style locking differential.
I was thinking of a new 28" Pro model with the ATC feature but will see how the economy
goes before making a move. I may have to replace my original 340CCA battery this year
since it is original but this machine has never let me down in a storm. It also pumps slush
real well since I installed a Clarence impeller kit.
Re: ariens has lost my respect
#4   Dec 5, 2009 9:01 pm
Not everybody has $1500 to $2500 for a almost perfect pro snowthrower. If the nuts and bolts don't fall off like my neighbors Craftsman did or the plastic chute hood doesn't crack from ice impact and the engine keeps on running and the controls don't jam and the drive disc doesn't slip and the machine lasts 12 years instead of 30 you still have a product worth purchasing that reflects this economy. When and a big "IF" things get better in 4 years then go for a better piece of equipment.
Many small businessmen that I have spoken to are "holding their breath" in a "wait and see" mode in order to evaluate if they can afford to stay in business if the mandatory government health insurance becomes law. As an aside, if you intentionally refuse to purchase the approved gov't plan there is a $250k fine and/or 5 years in a Federal prison. In a word, many businesses are scared. SO....the less expensive machine may be your only choice if you need to preserve your wealth and still get the job done. It may seem that I went off on a tangent from OPE equipment but this issue and other political issues are closely tied to purchases such as this and need to be considered. IMO this company has positioned itself perfectly by hedging their bets.
Re: Ariens 11528DLE will not drive all of the time, help!
#5   Jan 9, 2009 9:47 pm
What I would do is place the machine in the service position. (follow your manual)

Remove the cover exposing the drive wheel mechanism. With some WD-40 spray on the metal tube in which the disk drive wheel mechanism is guided (rides) on. The drive disc movement when squeezing the drive handle is maybe 1/4 inch but my guess it is binding just enough to prevent the springs from applying adequate pressure to allow enough friction between the rubber disk and metal drive disk.

That would cause problems in both forward and reverse. This is a guess, but I like to do things that are cheap and easy to do first.

I had a problem that was very close to your problem with my 1136DLE. Snowmann gave me the fix and it worked. Never a problem since. My problem was slightly different as binding occured in both engaging AND disengaging in forward and reverse.
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