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Re: Steering Options
#1   Oct 16, 2009 9:28 am
Snowmann wrote:
Ariens has the Automatic Traction Control that you're referring to in 24" and 30" models at $1299 and $1599 (Deluxe Platinum Series). The 30" model has the 1650 series engine.

How easy would it be to turn for a 115 lb. girl compared to the others? This is the most important thing to be at this point.
Steering Options
#2   Oct 16, 2009 8:31 am
OK, I have it down to Simplicity's L1428e, John Deere's 1130, and the 28" Toro. They each have a different kind of steering system and I'm trying to get whichever is best in the event my fiancee' (wife as of July 2010) has to snowblow the driveway while I'm away.

Simplicity has the Easy-Turn which you must engage a lever to make it easier to turn. I'm still not 100% on how this works but I'm thinking I squeeze the lever which disengages the wheel and forces the snowblower to turn left or right.  I think it would work although I don't like the Nascar style steering.

John Deere offers the Easy-Steer which has no lever and I'm not really sure how this works. Is it good to turn in both directions or similar to the Simplicity?

And I ruled out the Toro until I looked at them yesterday and really like their system which allows you to disengage either wheel and gives you true "power steering" and makes it pretty effortless. I don't like the plastic chute and joystick control.... but have to assume it is better than the other cheapy types that are currently on the market.

I'm still on the fence about Ariens because their cheapest model that fits my needs with their easy steer system is $1800.

As for the snow blower I pretty much know I want a 13.50 or 305cc engine. I'd like it to have a cut of 26" or greater, and the price tag has to be under $2000 (the cheaper the better since I was only planning on spending $800 when I started looking).

Thanks again for all the help in my other thread. I hope to be buying something within a week. Sorry for all the questions.
Re: Simplicty 1224e, 1226e, or P1524e
#3   Oct 15, 2009 2:43 pm
Thanks for the feedback.

I went and looked at the Snappers during lunch and wasn't impressed at all for something that is supposed to be the same machine. I looked at the Deeres again this morning and they seem in sync with the Simplicity.

Another thing that I can't decide on is the engine size. We don't get feet of snow often like some in NY or in Northern WI on here. We do get the occasional 1 footers and more. Is the 11.50 torque adequate or should I really look for the 13.50 or even the Snow Series Max? I'd rather have too much than too little and was wondering what some thought about the the difference in power IF I don't get a 1428.

Also, does the L1428e have the electric chute control? I just found a dealer with one and he said his doesn't. On their website it lists all the Large Frame models with it.
Simplicty 1224e, 1226e, or P1524e
#4   Oct 14, 2009 11:02 pm
I can't figure out which model to get. My local dealer doesn't have the L1428e (the one I want) and doesn't think he can get anymore this season since he sold a bunch already. He has the three I mentioned above in stock. I like the idea of the bigger 13.5 Snow Max engine in the Signature Series. I like the Sig Series one because of the features and the Easy Turn steering. My fiancee might have to use it if I'm away and I'm traveling. I also like the construction of it but the $600 increase from the 1226 is hard to justify. Is the Easy Turn good for turning in both direction or just one. Is there a big enough difference in power between the Snow Max 13.50 and the Snow Series 11.50?

I'm not sure I want the 1226 because it has the 11.50 engine. I currently don't need anything bigger but hope to buy a house with a larger driveway in the future. I'm wondering if she could handled the the size of the 1226 if needed?

And lastly, the 1224 would definitely work for what I need now.  I'm not sure if it would work in the future but I could always sell it and get what was needed. It is appealing because of the price and that it has the same size engine as the 1226. I don't mind the manual chute control but wish it had the remote deflector.

Can anyone help me decide? This forum has been a huge help and led me to Simplicity. Now I just need to figure out which one is best and which one I actually need.
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