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Re: String Trimmers, 4 stroke worth a look?
#1   Apr 6, 2006 5:22 pm
Anybody have any experience with the 4 stroke trimmers?   I'm in need of some opinions.  My options are basically the Troy Bilt side valve for $230 or the Yard Machines OHV for $280.  

Anybody know difinitively who makes these enginges, is it Briggs?

Re: trimmers
#2   Mar 23, 2006 11:46 am
Oakville, my brother who incidentially lives in Oakville, has the el cheapo $99 Weedeater.  He's had no problems unlike my $99 Homelite trimmer which is now in the trash.   The weedeater was also much quiter.   I think I'm going to forego my desire for a 4 stroke and just pick up one of the el cheapo weedeaters.   My OPE dealer said that the weedeaters are the best of the cheapie trimmers. 
Re: trimmers
#3   Mar 15, 2006 10:04 am
Oakville, I'm looking for a 4 stroke trimmer as well.  

Canadian Tire has a Troy-Bilt one for $299.  However, I'm wondering if I hate mixing gas and oil enough to justify the price.   I could go thru several $99 Weed Eaters for the price of a 4 stroke.  

Re: Should I change oil?
#4   Mar 13, 2006 11:20 am
So, after the spring oil change, do most folks change it again in fall before the snow season?  

I've wondered about how good the oil would be after having sat for 8 months or so in a shed.   Granted it would not be contaminated with the by-products of combustion, but...

Re: Chinese Clones
#5   Feb 23, 2006 12:16 pm
On topic, but a bit off discussion.  

Want an inside look at China, then keep your eyes out for a 4 part TV mini-series documentary called China Rises.

It is an unbelievable production.   You think those Wal Mart documentarys are damming, you ain't seen nothing.   The level of pollution, corruption, etc, etc. that China simply does not care about is staggering.    A great watch. 

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