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Re: Honda HS520 vs Toro 3650, why would I need a 2-stage
#1   Nov 30, 2005 6:43 am
I own a Toro 3650.  Live about 20 miles south of Boston, so I get the same types of snowfall you would expect in Natick.  I got it 2 years ago, after much internal debate.  I always said that I would only buy a 2-stage machine; none of that wimpy single stage stuff for me.  After doing some research (mostly on this site, or it's predecessor), I was convinced that a single-stage would do the trick.

I was NOT disappointed.  The first snowfall I had to deal with was in early December (the weekend of the Pats/Miami game that had me sitting in a snow covered stadium, with more than 50% of the seats empty).  We probably had 15" - 18" and I couldn't get over how the machine handled it.  It handled more than I would have expected, and the EOD was a bit slow, but certainly do-able.  My driveway is about 80 feet long, double wide, with a slight incline from the street.  The machine cleans clear down to the pavement, and actually does move along pretty much as fast as I can keep up with it.  There is a bit of what I would call torque steer, for lack of a better term;  it doesn't necessarily track very straight, pulling itself sideways a bit as you go, but you get used to it.

The machine stores easily.  It can be lifted by this weakling and thrown in the back of a station wagon, or even an open trunk, if need be.  I have not had the "snow in the carburetor problem" people speak of, and the thing starts easily.  The gas-oil mix if not really a hassle, as some say.  The 2 stroke engine is probably noisier than the Honda would be, and it does smell a bit, but those are the only drawbacks I see to the machine.  The main reason I chose the Toro over the Honda, and the 3650 over the 2450, is the crank style chute control  That's also why I shied away from the Snow Commander.   I played with them all in the store and knew that I would always be wishing I had a crank had I bought any of the other machines.

So, there you have it.  Buy the 3650 and be done with it.  You will not regret it.

Great find on a Honda Hydro Walk-Behind!
#2   Apr 2, 2005 6:48 am
Grazing my local HD 2 weekends ago and saw a reconditioned Honda HRB217HXA.  That's the one with the hydorstatic drive and blade brake cluch.  They normally sell it for $699.  This one was missing a few small parts, like oil filler cap, mulch plug, air cleaner cover, etc.  Total parts about $35.  The machine showed no signs that it was ever used: pristine deck, blades, etc.

It had a red "Manager's Special" tag on it for $199.  I already own an 11 year old honda that is similar and love that machine.  Couldn't leave it there.  Actually, I didn't get it that day, too busy.  Took me a few trips back to find the right guy to honor the $199 price, which was no longer on the machine.  Even the store manager wouldn't do it, and wanted the $590 "mark down" price.  Finally got the lawn and garden manager to sell it for the $199.  Persistance pays off!

Full 2-year factory warranty, too!!!!

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