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Honda John Deer combo
#1   Dec 11, 2012 10:12 pm
I wondered how to come up with a good pressure washer myself as I borrowed a lot of junk from friends which was frustrating

What I ended up thinking was...

"Who makes a good pump/valve body" 

 Then I thought what about John Deer they have them on all there equipment and have been making them for years!

"Who makes a good small motor"  Of course HONDA came to mind....

I researched them online and Yes JD had pressure washers and Yes they had HONDA motors!

Well I went down to the local dealership to check them out and came home with a real nice one!

It has a 5 HP Honda on there BUT the VALVE BODY...well it is 1/2 the size of the Honda motor or more

and it just works Perfectly and powerful as all get out...Here is a picture of mine...Originally the motor was all black

but when I lent it out people kept on leaning on the muffler and getting burnt when pulling to start it...A little CHEVY Orange solves that

"Dont touch the Orange!" 

  Look at that valve that's a pump!



Re: Honda HS928TCD auger shear pins - two types available
#2   Dec 11, 2012 9:50 pm
Thanks SKIBUM!

I didn't know all that about the HS928 shear pins and it was GREAT info....

My dealer here is ONE BEYOND a GOUGE ARTIST and I want to order a bunch of shear pins for my parts drawer to have some on hand! 

I just bought my blower new this month so I am assuming it is the last number pin or the NEW pin for me!

Having said that I am asking you...

Do you know the HONDA "order part number" for the fancy nilock nut with built in washer flange?

I mean I went and saw & you are exactly right that the shear pin BOLT is a bolt you can readily get from Honda parts places...I'd like to get the "nut" too...

May as well as I am ordering it I can order them at the same time!

Thanks for the great info!


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