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OT: Central AC units - Carrier v. Trane v. Lennox
#1   Sep 23, 2005 6:59 pm
Ok so a central AC system is technically not outdoor power equipment, but the condenser is outdoors and it is powered.  So I'm looking for some advice from the board that has given me great advice on other topics, because it's time to replace the Central AC system in my house (20 year old air handler leaking freon and a 14 year old condenser).

I'm pretty much looking at the top of the line systems from Carrier (Infinity 18), Trane (XLi 19), and Lennox.  Does anyone have any experience with these units and recommendations as to one manufacturer versus the other.

Right now I'm favoring the Trane, but I am somewhat concerned that it is a Freon based unit, not Puron. Now I know Freon will remain available essentially for the entire useful life of any new AC system, so if there any reason not to still purchase a Freon based system?

Any suggestions would be much appreciated.
Re: 2006 Ariens Lineup Info
#2   Aug 11, 2005 9:11 am
cleanmaxx_brian wrote:
Nice machine Frank  And I really want to get one of the hoods!

My Ariens is brand new, purchased after the season last year and now I see all these new features....GRRR! I hope I did the right thing...

Did you pick up your Ariens locally and, if so, do you recommend the dealer?  I am definitely in the market for a snowblower this year.
Re: Deck Sealers
#3   Aug 4, 2005 11:50 am
Thanks for all the input everyone.  I ultimately decided on Cabot's Deck Stain in Rosewood.  Consumer Reports ranks it number one, but that was only one factor in the decision.  I'll post some before and after pictures soon, but the deck came out great.  What a difference from looking worn and grey to almost new and well . . . red.

The wood really soaked up the stain; it took 22 gallons (told y'all it was a big deck).  I'm glad I had someone do the work because it was a really big project.  My stainer (he also did the stain/poly on my new handrail and balusters on my staircase) used two guys for one day and four guys for the better part of another day.  That's a lot of man hours, mostly because of how much vertical surface I needed stained (the railing and balusters).  If anyone on Long Island needs a recommendation for a painter/stainer, let me know as my guy is top notch and fairly priced.

And to uc113, thanks for the recommendation of onetime.  I strongly considered it, but it would have added $1250 to the project and I couldn't justify the cost.  I don't need to get seven years out of the stain, as I plan to do an addition to the kitchen and dining room of my home in 3-5 years, which will cause me to change the layout of my deck.  When I redo the deck, I'm going to do it with TimberTek or the like.

Thanks again to all and I'll post pictures soon.

Re: Deck Sealers
#4   Jul 31, 2005 10:41 pm

Here's more info.

1)     Deck board is almost all pressure treated 2" x 4" (wouldn't have been my choice but I didn't build it).  A cabana addition is 2" x 6".

2)     Open joints between the boards

3)     Kinda rough in spots with some splits in some boards (nothing too bad).  The prior owner did not take good care of the deck.

4)     Located on on Long Island, but not on the water (ocean is several miles away).  Most of the deck gets alot of sun exposure as well as rain when well it rains.

5)     The deck has three levels.  The top level is substantially above the ground, the second level is raised about a foot and the last level is on the ground.  Deck is usual use and houses my outdoor table and chairs, sun chairs, BBQ.

6)     No real limitation on $$$.  I will gladly pay more for a longer lasting finish and better quality finish.  Given the size of the deck and my limited time this summer, I am going to hire someone to do the finish work.

I look forward to any suggestions you may have.  Right now I am leaning towards Superdeck's Pressure Treated Stain/Sealer.

Re: Deck Sealers
#5   Jul 30, 2005 4:31 pm
I've heard raves about Thompson's, but I've also read a bit from those who think it's a reputation only product (like Bose).  Since I know there are many on the board that have done their own decks I wanted to get some opinions here.  Actually I've recently heard some very good things about Thompson's new Advanced line.  As of now that is what I'm leaning towards.
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