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Re: Hydro drive vrs Friction disk
#1   Nov 29, 2018 4:23 am
We have a 2015 Honda HS928T (since redesigned), 2004 Ariens 1124 Pro (disc drive) and a 2017 Ariens RapidTrak Hydro Pro. The Honda is a good little unit. It will throw snow quite far. The RapidTrak Hydro Pro moves a LOT more snow. Donít see image tags or Id post pictures.
Re: 2010 Ariens Pro28 or Pro32???
#2   Nov 3, 2010 10:28 am
seeker wrote:
Can't decide between these machines. I live in the northeast and I have a 140foot driveway with two entrances. I'm looking for something that will take a nor'easter beating and chew through the EOD shizzle. Will the the Ariens Pro28 outperform the Ariens Pro32?

Your profile doesn't say where you are from but I take it you are from New England since you reference Northeasters. I would go with the 28. New England often gets wind-packed Northeasters, or very heavy, wet snow due to the ocean influence and the fact that we aren't at very high elevations. My ST824 wouldn't come remotely close to being able to munch full-width passes of heavier snow. Dealing with a packed, salted EOD pile is a big challenge. The guys out West get that light, fluffy powder snow that looks so great in the snow thrower ads. We don't....
#3   Nov 4, 2006 7:12 am
70chevrolet wrote:
My brother is eyeballing a troy-built 13045. 13hp with a 45 inch mouth. Up until that moment, I had never seen bigger than a 36 inch on a walk behind snowblower. The gerbox looked aluminum(blah!) and the chute looked plastic(blah!). The motor was tecumseh†† . Does anyone know what the reputation of Troy -bilt is?†

If you compare the quality of construction and size of mechanical components to the 32-36" models from Ariens or Simplicity, it is difficult to see how this machine would be durable.

It probably won't save much time, either. You can only go as fast as you can walk. If it's a light snow a plow would be much faster. If it's a heavy snow it's like to be overburdened. And you can't use it on walkways less than 45" wide
Re: Do you know of a small engine junkyard?
#4   Apr 16, 2006 9:05 am
Try ebay
Re: '92 Ariens 724 - only one wheel gets power
#5   Mar 17, 2006 3:13 pm
Most of the old Ariens had both wheels locked to the axle with a Woodruff Key - a half-moon shaped piece of metal that locked the wheel hub to the axle but allowed it to slide out if necessary. they fit into semi-circular notches in the axle. It could have fallen out or become dislodged.

You can buy a replacement at the dealer for about $1.50 or buy an unplated one at Home Depot for about $0.50.

If yours is unlockable, you'll likely have a knob on the wheel that looks like the one in this picture near the tire stem.

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