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What to expect from home financial software

An ability to download your banking and investment information

These files come in two file types: QIF and/or QFX extensions. Most large banks have included the transfer process to Quicken or Money (some even to MoneyDance). However, the smaller and local banks may not have this ability yet.

Graph and report creation

This is a handy option to see where your money goes and when. This is also useful come end of the year tax time and you are scrounging for deductions.


Most households do not have a budget, but if they had some means to track expenses in categories, it would be much easier to come up with a realistic budget. The financial software you purchase should be able to come up with a budget based on past spending and income.

Quicken 2005 offers Quicken Basic, Deluxe, Premier and Premier Home and Business Books as well as an option for Mac users.

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