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Personal financial software - Microsoft's Money

Microsoft Money 2005 comes in four levels as well: Standard, Deluxe, Premium, and the Small Business Edition.

Microsoft Money Standard

With a price tag of $30 or less, this low-end program compares with Quicken's Basic. With it, you will be able to track your spending, balance the checkbook and pay your bills online. You can create and manage your budget as well as design your own reports. The new upgraded interface has trimmed the unnecessary and is very user-friendly. You can even customize it for your own needs. Standard also is able to export to tax prep software and with an upgrade, you may review and manage your investment portfolio.

Microsoft Money Deluxe

Add on to the above the ability to take a more active role in reducing your debt (including an Experian credit report and credit monitoring) , planning long range, and forecasting cash flow, plus on the black side of the ledger, manage your 401K, strategize your asset allocation and estimate capital gains at a price tag of $60 or less.

Microsoft Money Premium

Take Money Deluxe and add capital gains tracking and optimizing, automated Schedule D reporting, and financial services add-ons like GainsKeepers Capital Gains Tax Optimizer and H&R Block's online tax prep and e-filing. $80 or less is what you will pay for automatically consolidating all your financial information in one place including all your investments.

Microsoft Money Small Business

The hierarchy of costs are identical with the two companies and Microsoft's answer to Quicken's Premier Home and Business is also $90. You will be able to monitor cash flow; manage inventory, accounts payable and receivable; create invoices, business reports and charts; plus have access to Online Payroll from PayCycle.

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