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Motorcycle GPS

If you think GPS and motorcycle in the same sentence is oxymoronic, those that love the feeling the rubber hit the road on the back of a motorcycle will disagree.

The automotive GPS maker, Garmin, has a new product on the market called zumo.   It's a totally new design for cyclists who want gps accuracy and direction while living their "easy rider" dreams. The zumo's touchpad is big ("all the better to see you with, my dear"), boasting 3.5 inch screen. It's a feature you need when driving with both gloves on the handlebars and geared to left handed button touching. Garmin made the display easy to read, even in bright sunlight and made it waterproof.

Another perk for the gabby cyclists…a Bluetooth "hands free to helmet" capability.   Cycling in the city? Don't worry about the urban canyons knocking out your reception…Garmin equipped the zumo with a highly sensitive receiver to ensure you don't drop the signal.

And if you are into the aesthetics of it all, you can get custom caps to match your cycle's colors. Neato. So neato that someone might steal it? Garmin says it's included an anti-theft device so it's useless without your pin (or at least until you take it to an assigned secure location). Zumo's due out in October…just in time to put on your Christmas list.

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