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GPS Download

You’ve had your GPS for a couple of years…time to download! The software in your GPS that came with the unit, most likely has been updated by the parent company and just ready and waiting for you to download and get the latest and greatest features.

Normally the GPS will work just fine for you without these downloads, but there are new applications and features being developed every day. Take advantage of the free updates and get most likely a faster and less “buggy” operation.

Garmin has gone a step further with a program called WebUpDater, an automatic updating program. Just go to their website for a free download. Just connect your computer to the internet and install the program. Then when there is a new update available, connect the GPS unit to the computer via the USB or serial cables that came with the unit, run the program, and get step by step directions to complete the update. Magellan and Lowrance also have updaters.

By the way, updating the maps themselves may require more work on your part and most more cash.

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