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Product Reviews for Sony DVPNS75H Single Disc Upscaling

Sony DVPNS75H Single Disc Upscaling
Model No: DVPNS75H Single Disc Upscaling
Manufacturer: Sony

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Aug 13, 2007 4:29 pm

Sony's player can do just about anything. This up converting single disc DVD player has support for 720 and 1080 high-def display resolutions and is compatible with almost any kind of CD you can pop in it. It comes with all the Inputs and Outputs you will need along with a remote with battery's. This DVD player is HD ready, and that means great picture.

Price ranges from 57.00 to 80.00 at online stores.

Users claim that it is very easy to hook up and it does not flutter, stop, or skip. Users were very impressed by the picture and loved the customer service.

Great Reviews

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