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Nice day for a mow!!

Location: Chicago
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NY City members and I , bad news.
Original Message   Aug 2, 2005 3:15 am
I watch your local station every night, M-F, via illegal satelite, so I can watch Jimmy Kimmel an hour early, and occasionally forget it is on, and like tonight I was doin' some computer work, and had it on in the backround, and your local news repeat came on after Kimmel, and I must say your local news took the cake tonight. The top 3 stories on yours tonight were....
#1) A drunk dude that jumped in a friends delivery truck, and drove off, to make him think it was stolen. Lost control hit a mother and kid, killed both.
#2 3 teens caught trying to dump a 16 year old girls body that lived next door over a bridge. They beat her, and cut her up, I'm certain after raping her.
#3 Some care taker poured a tub full of scalding water and burned 2 babies to death.

Soooo I flipped on my local news here in Chi, and watched a story(#4) of a mom gettin hit by a stray bullet during a drive by in broad daylight, and then followed by a feel good story to uplift my mood(#5) of a families minivan gettin T-Boned by a drunk driver, bursting it into flames, as the parents escaped. the kids, strapped in burned to their deaths as a horrified crowd of 30+ people stood by helplessly watching as the flames were to high to get them out.
But then the Sox highlights came on, and I was made to almost forgot about all of it, in fact I did for a few minutes. My god this world is just toooooo fvcked up to comprehend sometimes.
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Replies: 1 - 9 of 9View as Thread
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