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Don't be to choose

Your first line of defense might be to call an interior decorator, particularly if you do not have much confidence in your decorating skills. However, today, you can often receive help from the retailer for free or at reduced rates. But here are some questions to answer before you click around the internet or go to your local home store.

Do you want or need privacy? If your home is on your own back forty, you may not need privacy. However, most of us can envision a time when we want to keep others from looking into our house, for privacy and for security reasons.

Do you need darkness in the room during the day? If you are thinking nursery and the need for darkness for your child's naptime, there are blinds available that can black out or at least significantly darken a room. If someone works the 11 to 7 shift, blinds can help them get their beauty sleep.

Are you concerned about energy efficiency? Consider blinds that will keep drafts out as well as provide insulation from the cold or heat coming into your controlled environment.

What is the style of your room? Are you going with a Manhattan penthouse look, or a California bungalow style? There are many blinds that will enhance your decorating theme.

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