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History of blinds

Say the word "blinds" and some of us picture the two inch wide Venetian blinds of the 50's. They were two inch wide metal slats that were hung together with fabric strips to allow raising, lowering or tilting. They were, generally, noisy and by most standards did little to spruce up a room. But you can go a lot farther back in history to find the first application of blinds to windows. The early Egyptians strung together reeds from the mighty Nile for their version and the ancient Chinese cultures used bamboo. Hop on up to the eighteenth century and blinds were used as a modernization over bulky wooden shutters. Today those metal blinds of the 50's were replaced in the 80's by one inch vinyl mini blinds you can still use to decorate your windows, plus a wide variety of applications. Why are blinds so popular today?

  • Blinds can be pleasing to the eye, with regular horizontal lines to make each window uniform, when viewed from either inside or outside your home.

  • Blinds offer a wide selection of colors and style.

  • When carefully designed, blinds can give you privacy from neighbors as well as almost complete blockage of light for the daytime sleeper or those long summer days.

  • Some blinds will help keep the heat in your house in the winter and the sunlight out in the summer, making them a great energy saver.

  • While fabric window treatments are difficult to clean themselves and if puddled on the floor, difficult to clean around, blinds don't interfere with vacuuming, and with some newer applications of paint, can actually discourage dust from settling on them.

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