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Factors to consider when purchasing an air purifier

What are the initial and maintenance costs of this product?
Finding out the initial costs is only part of the research. If there is a filter or other component that needs regular replacement, find out how often and how expensive that replacement will be. For instance, some HEPA filters are $75 or more dollars to replace and that has to be done sometimes every year to 18 months. Electricity use is another factor to consider. Check the wattage of the air purifier. Wattage over 100 can add $100 a year to an electricity bill (depending upon your utility company).

How much noise does this product create?
High wattage may be able to clean a higher volume of air, but it might also create a higher volume of noise. See if you can try out the product before buying it to test the noise level if this is a concern for you. Also, some products may offer a money-back guarantee. If this is the case, you can try the product out at home and return it if you are unsatisfied.

What parts of your home would you like to purify?
Do you just need odor removal in a pet's main area, or allergen removal in a child's room? Consider the amount of space you need to cover. Most units are portable and can be moved from room to room. Or you can purchase more than one small unit for several rooms. There is also the option of buying a filter for your home's heating and cooling system. This method will be able to reach much more of the house, but is not as effective as a stand-alone unit in terms of purification. It would also be hard to find a filter with multiple technologies. Some cleaners will specify the amount of area they cover. See "How is air cleaning efficiency measured?"

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