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Air Purifiers

Why do you need an air purifier?

If you or family members have allergies and particles need to be removed from the air consider any of the mechanical or electronic cleaners. HEPA and ULPA filters can remove and collect particles, as do electronic cleaners with filters, but a negative ionizer will only remove the particles from the air. It is then up to you to collect them while cleaning — either vacuuming or dusting. If you would like to remove chemicals, smoke or gases, you will need a carbon air filter because the other types of filters do nothing for these types of contaminates. A carbon air filter will remove odors caused by chemicals, whereas an ozone generator will remove most other odors. If you have a smoker in the family, or a smelly pet, consider a purifier with an ozone generator included. Or, if these odors are all you want removed, maybe all you need is an ozone generator. Just keep in mind that the ozone gives off its own odor so you would like to be able to control the levels of ozone that it emits. If you are looking to destroy viruses, germs, bacteria, and fungi, the UV light is probably the most effective. Although it will not be able to destroy all of these contaminants, it will help to reduce their occurrence in your home's air. Some mechanical filters will have a UV light near the filter to keep the microorganisms trapped there from reproducing. (This is a good idea)

Whatever you are looking for in an air cleaner, the best idea may be to get one with a variety of these components to be most effective. This can run a much higher cost than you might think...

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