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Product Reviews for Kirby Bagless Conversion

Kirby Bagless Conversion
Model No: 2009
Manufacturer: Jim Keeler

(Based on 1 reviews)
Avg. Price: $79
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Don't waste your money on this scam
Jan 17, 2010 12:33 am
Joined: Jan 14, 2010

Being a gadget freak I decided to buy one of the upright tornado cyclonic bagless conversion kits for my Sentria. It took Jim keeler exactly a month from the time I paid for it to the time it was delivered to my doorstep. Upon opening the box it was readily apparent to me that this thing was slapped together in a hurry. There are gobs of excess glue around the hole where the pipe was fitted to the canister, very low quality black paint on the PVC pipe and black magic marker used to fill in the spots where the paint didn't stick. The pipe on my unit was attached near the top of the unit almost touching the green cap. BTW, he is no longer selling on ebay and has deleted his account. With the tube attached so high up on the chamber/cup it blows directly onto the filter which will cause it to clog faster IMHO. Since this bagless canister was designed for the Eureka Optima it has a rectangular hole near the top opposite where Jim drilled the hole for the PVC pipe to be inserted. This rectangular hole was covered with a piece of cut out plastic and super glued into place. The glue holding this plastic patch in place was not very good and when I gently rubbed it with my finger it promptly fell off. I had to get some super glue and re-attach the patch to the hole before I could even try out the bagless conversion. My super glue didn't hold either and I eventually had to resort to Duct Tape to cover the square hole. When I attached it to my Sentria I observed that it rides about 2 inches above the floor at the most. The exhaust blows straight down onto the floor which is why this model isn't recommended for bare floors as it would just blow all the dirt around before the Kirby could suck it up. Another thing I noticed is that the green cap has no seal at all and air was blowing out around the rim of the cap. It was also escaping from the square patch area where it was glued because I didn't seem to get it sealed any better than Jim had. I ran the vacuum over my entire house and the thing that I don't like about this bagless conversion is that it allowed small amounts of dirt to escape through the leaky lid and patch. I know this to be the case because cat hair from my 2 cats was sticking halfway out in several spots on the patch and around the lid. Also this device restricts the airflow of the Kirby by reducing the diameter of the pipe from the fan to the canister. The filter must be cleaned after each use because it becomes covered with dirt and pet hair within the first few minutes of use. With restricted airflow there is no way this device would allow the Kirby to clean as well as using the OEM bag. Overall, I think my money would have been better spent on a 2 years supply of genuine Kirby bags. Now that I've seen Jim's idea in action I think I may tinker around and see if I can come up with something better using a root cyclone canister from a Dyson or Hoover. Sometimes keeping it simple as Jim Keeler proudly exclaims is NOT the best way to go, stupid. (KISS)

Date Purchased: 12/2009
Price Paid: $79
Recommend: No
Shows imagination, shows dirt that has been picked up

Cheaply made, Not a true cyclonic system, very messy to empty/clean, EXPENSIVE, filter clogs very fast, air leaks, downward facing exhaust and extremely poor customer service. Jim Keeler doesn't care about the customer, only the sale.

This message was modified Jan 17, 2010 by jhannah
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