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Re: "Made in China" --A Rant.
#1   May 10, 2011 6:28 pm
Just wrote:
Sorry Vacmanuk,

I was only meaning to make a statement, not get into a debate. However, if one will take the time to look in the English Dictionary they will see that Most, and Everything do not mean the same. If one is trying to twist another's words to make their point. Not playing nice.

With the greatest respect, if you want to make a statement, print it on a t-shirt.

If you post it to a on-line discussion forum, it's up for discussion.
Re: The Dyson Ball finally has a competitor: New Electrolux Nimble
#2   Apr 28, 2011 2:05 pm
iMacDaddy wrote:
I should note that the DC22 canister had a removable, washable HEPA filter, and it too had the Dyson Digital Motor.

I don't know that model, that well - was a post motor and a pre-motor filter?
Re: Motor Squeak
#3   Apr 25, 2011 7:07 pm
bucks03 wrote:
It's the main motor as brush is off in upright position. Yes it used to make this kind of moan sound when first turning on. It was once really loud once after the filter in the ball was washed. I notice when turning on there's this noise on top of the motor, a kind of squeaking sound that stops after machine is on for 20 seconds it's now this noise instead of that 'moan sound' lol I must advise that the machine runs fine and there's no burning smell.

Perhaps best to call the Dyson helpline and describe the problem to see if they have any advice they can offer.
Re: Motor Squeak
#4   Apr 25, 2011 3:14 pm
Which motor is it thats making the noise? The motor that creates the suction or the motor in the brushbar?
I find the DC24 pretty loud with the brushbar running , but relatively quiet when the brushbar is turned off.
Re: The Dyson Ball finally has a competitor: New Electrolux Nimble
#5   Apr 25, 2011 7:23 am
iMacDaddy wrote:
By the looks of it, the new Dyson Ball will use a slightly enlarged version of the motorhead used on the DC35 stick vac with a smaller motor, and thinner brushroll compared to that of the current DC25.....although these could be patent drawings for the successor of the DC24, not DC25.

As with the DC24 / DC25, the cleaner head is fully removable by the user and hence a range of market variants *could* be produced, if required, regardless of what is shown in these drawings.

It is a question, if it would be available in small and large models, like with the DC24 / DC25. If its using a conventional motor, this would be challenging for a smaller model. But if using the Dyson Digital Motor v2, as used in the Digital Slim, more feasible. Although one further point these drawings show a post motor filter cover and hence suggest a conventional brushed motor, for a full-sized cleaner model at the very least.

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