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Re: Do you like vacuuming up random(even useful) stuff? What vacuum cleaner do you use?
#1   Mar 24, 2021 7:10 pm
For no reason I like when this cleaning job is done by a girl rather then I do it. Few months ago, I invited a girl who is a good friend of mine to my flat. We sat on the sofa in my room talked about something. Suddenly she began sneezing. I asked what's the problem. She said that she is allergic to dust. I brought a vacuum cleaner and nearly started to vacuum the carpet and the corners but she interrupted me and asked to let her to vacuum. I gave her the cleaner and she started vacuuming. She doesn't recognice my phone SIM card and a slot for it so she vacuumed them up. After she finished vacuuming the floor she saw a box on the table full of computer stuff, crumbs and food waste. She said that this box is too untidy and I agreed thinking that she will clean it and put my stuff back into this box. But she unexpectedly started to try sucking up debris without removing the stuff. So she vacuumed up some sd cards, small cables, my spen and plenty of other stuff. Approximately a half of things in this box went to a cleaner bag. Then she turned off the Miele, we opened the window and she stopped sneezing. After that we watched TV, laughed and enjoyed spending time together. When she was leaving I asked her why she vacuumed up lots of my stuff and why I have to dig in vacuum cleaner now to recover it. She answered that she thought that stuff she vacuumed up wasn't necessary for me and I have lots of such stuff. Also she said that I shouldn't recover it as the dust is harmful for my health. I said nothing but I followed her advice. I recovered nothing and I even thought of her words that I have so much of these computer things. She was right. I turned on my Miele almost all my stuff went to the bag. After this story I changed my attitude to things and cleaning. Now I clean my room properly sucking up every single thing if I haven't used it for month.
Re: Do you like vacuuming up random(even useful) stuff? What vacuum cleaner do you use?
#2   Mar 24, 2021 6:28 pm
Also when I detach the bag and touch it I understand who much my stuff Miele has thrown away. Sometimes I even want to recover it from this totally closed bag. But then I think vacuum cleaners were invented to suck up debris and declutter our homes. That is why if Miele's hose reached my stuff it was that debris I don't needed. After I loved this way of cleaning I significantly decluttered my room. Thanks to these habits and Miele's great cleaner that everything you want or don't will end up in the bag.
Re: Do you like vacuuming up random(even useful) stuff? What vacuum cleaner do you use?
#3   Mar 24, 2021 6:10 pm
Oh I think Lego isn't so valuable to dig around all the collected debris inside the vacuum cleaner bag. If it got sucked up you probably don't really need it. Vacuum cleaner bags are specially designed not to be torn and not to make collected stuff come out. Everything that is inside got dusty and bacterial. The health damage which is caused by digging in the bag certainly don't worth it. If something got vacuumed up it means that you wasn't careful enough with this thing. If you don't really care about this thing it should go to the trash. About your point of view that you should donate every single thing you don't need, I don't agree with you. For example you have earphones which you used many years and you feel you are tired of them you rather suck them while cleaning the room not to donate. And I will explain why. Nobody except the vacuum cleaner don't need your sd card, USB, earphones or other small items. They are just debris inside the bag.
Re: Do you like vacuuming up random(even useful) stuff? What vacuum cleaner do you use?
#4   Mar 23, 2021 5:56 pm
Miele is an incredible vacuum cleaner. It can suck up everything. The cleaning with it become really enjoyable. And after the bag is full it's a pleasure to carry it to the bin with all your sucked stuff because now everything inside is trash which is perfectly locked in Miele bag. Few weeks ago I have forgotten my laptop screws on the carpet after disk changing. But I realised it when I was vacuuming near my table so I sucked them up. I like how the importance of things get lower when they face the cleaner Some time ago I tried to recover my stuff from the bag. It's nearly impossible especially when the object is small and the bag is full of dust and other debris. Well, I cut the bag full of sh*t to recover stuff and it's so disgusting. After that I decided that if Miele vacuumed smth up nothing will be retuned from its dust bag.
Re: Toys and Socks bad for my Dyson?
#5   Mar 23, 2021 5:20 pm
No, it's not good for Dyson to vacuum up smth except dust. The risk of damaging the motor is quite high. For doing this I will recommend you to buy a shop vac or a Miele(or other bagged vacuums). The Miele handle huge messes without issues. I vacuum everything with it. Lego, socks, earphones, pens and lots of big stuff. Everything goes to the dust bag and when its full I open the vacuum, hygienic door in the bag closes and nothing will fall from the bag while you are carrying it to the bin.
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