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Nothings working on very dirty carpet
Original Message   Sep 4, 2022 3:33 am
I've been using various vacs (canister w/PN; suction only canister; shop vac & old Hoover Convertible) 4 vacing apartment hallway carpet that hadn't been vacuumed at all I was using a Ridgid shop vac w/Cleanstream HEPA filter & Casa Vacuum HEPA bag & a rug nozzle like this: & only got a bit of dirt before the bag pores clogged; changed the bag only 2 repeat this pattern Then I used a upright like a Hoover Convertible (using bottom fill style C bag) thinking the 'beats as it sweeps as it cleans' would work but only 4 a short while Seems like I'm picking up fine black 'soot type' dirt What vac will work on situations like this? I might use the Ridgid 4 above floor vacing & get a Kirby or Sanitaire?
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Replies: 1 - 3 of 3View as Thread
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