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Electrolux USA replacement motor
Original Message   Oct 4, 2021 12:57 pm
For those who have a plastic bodied Electrolux USA vacuum such as a 2100, Hi Tech, Diplomat, Ambassador, SR/Epic 6500, Guardian 7000, Renaissance/Epic/Guardian 8000 and similar, many shops sell a replacement motor that has much less power than the original motors sold in these vacuums. They will bill it as an OEM Replacement and it looks like the original in most ways, but it is not the same. If he motor has a white sticker on it saying "6500-293" give it a pass. It is made by the company that made Electrolux USA motors, now called ElectroMotor Inc., but it is not comparable. It's supposed to be a budget replacement for the original. There is, however, a motor from ElectroMotor Inc. that is a direct replacement for the original Electrolux USA motor that is much more powerful than the original. It is their 6500-298. Be sure to specify that motor when you buy a replacement or you have a dealer replace the original motor in case the original motor wears out. The motor costs about $105, which is about $20 or so more than what shops are charging for the weaker -293 motor. This is a lot less costly than replacing an expensive vacuum like an old Electrolux and gives your old Electrolux as much power as brand new modern vacuums. Just a tip, keep the old Lux working instead of buying some new throw away plastijunk at Wally World. Btw, this is also the motor to use in your Tristar EXL if it ever needs replacing.
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