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TriStar CS hose handle
Original Message   May 8, 2021 6:51 pm
I was vacing the living room today & all of a sudden the hose handle was getting VERY hot. When I turned the vac power off sparks flew out from the hose handle switch (it gave me electric shock) Then the handle caught fire (I was using the power nozzle) The hose handle & upper wand melted at the hose/wand connection Has any TriStar owner had similar experience? Its the A101 series (Aerus/Electrolux made TriStar vacuums Should I just buy a new hose or will my vac need serviced? I take good care of the vacuum & use genuine parts I purchased the TriStar CS canister vacuum brand new in 2012 UPDATE: I called TriStar & they will be sending me a new hose. I should be getting it by Thursday
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Re: TriStar CS hose handle
Reply #1   May 15, 2021 12:04 pm
I would want to know with certainty that the power nozzle and canister are wired correctly and that the fireworks show on your hose handle didn't melt or char anything inside the power nozzle or canister vacuum. Both come apart easily, though separating the halves on the canister often requires some hard taps with a rubber mallet. There are lots of videos showing how they come apart. Just me but I would want to look at the wires and make sure everything inside is undamaged. I would also carefully test both wands for continuity, and to make sure you don't have power and ground connected somewhere not obvious. The wires in each wand are under a plastic cover. The cover is held on by two small phillips head screws, with the screws hiding under little plastic caps you pry off gently with a narrow flat blade screwdriver. Or have a vacuum shop check everything out. Hopefully the problem is confined to the switch on the hose handle and there was no after damage. Btw, I love Tristar vacuums and have examples going back to 1945 including some 100 volt Japan market examples sold there by Fuji Medical Instruments under the AirStream and Sunstorm brand names.
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