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Joined: Jan 4, 2013
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Does Dyson have a "Walmart" build?
Original Message   Jan 4, 2013 5:47 pm
Any time I am about to buy a consumer appliance, I always do some research that tells me if the item may have an inferior build quality when sold at Walmart.  Its something to keep in mind when shopping in places like EBay, Amazon or Overstock for items...especially refurbs.   The model number will usually be slightly different when this is done, and I've at times found other retailers selling the lower quality item number on their shelves, even at higher prices. 

So I do see that Walmart has exclusive packaging for the Dyson Animal.  This is typically a tell tale sign.  I have not noticed if the model numbers are different though.  Does anyone here know if Dyson builds vacuums in a separate plant or assembly line when they are bound for the big W? 
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Re: Does Dyson have a "Walmart" build?
Reply #5   Mar 21, 2013 3:11 am
This all depends on the exact subject at hand of course but for the most part, no there is no difference.

WalMart has such massive purchasing power that they simply can buy things from manufacturers cheaper than anyone else. Who do you thinks going to get a better deal from Dyson, Jims vacuum center that gets maybe 40 a year or Wally world that rips through 20,000? Im sure you picked the correct answer.

In instances where the price is much much cheaper I would be suspect but again, for the most part the cost of re tooling/changing manufacturing processes to accomodate different materials/components just isnt worth it.

A very similar situation arose in the lawn care arena. Some said that Honda mowers that were at Home Depot were built with sub standard components compared to the ones sold at local lawn equipment shops (I wonder who promulgated this one!) because the HD mowers were ~$100 cheaper. Guess what they were exactly the same with exactly the same replacement part #'s. Purchasing power, its why we go to Sam's/Costco!

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Re: Does Dyson have a "Walmart" build?
Reply #6   Apr 1, 2013 10:44 pm
U should try out the new TriStar CS; it'll clean circles around a "Diesoon" (Dyson) anyday.  Dysons are pure JUNK & last less than a year; TriStar CS will very likely last forever.  A TriStar CS will pull a whopping 110" water lift (suction power) & a Dyson ("Diesoon") will only pull a 50" water lift.

Dyson loses suction power & airflow after each vacing session

So the TriStar always wins!  Every day, every test.  TRUE NO LOSS OF SUCTION & AIRFLOW WITH A TRISTAR! 

The TriStar uses a bag & made of durable magnesium; & Diesoon is bagless & made of cheap plastic

Even a Kirby Sentria (OLDER Kirbys [pre-G Series like Sanitronic, 516, Classic 1CR, Heritage, etc] are FAR BETTER PERFORMERS than a Sentria) will outclean a Dyson

I wouldn't touch a Dyson at all.

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