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Very little suction and a whistling noise
Original Message   Oct 22, 2012 7:26 pm
Hi, We have a Dirt Devil Jaguar II. I can't tell you exactly how old it is but it is definitely a few years old. We have had trouble replacing the bag in the past. This time when we put in the new bag, the door doesn't close completely and there is virtually no suction and a whistling noise. The motor runs fine (and there is suction) when the bag is not present. I have tried two separate bags (and the bags are the right brand) but both produce the same sound. The sound doesn't appear to be coming through the improperly closed door. It seems as though there is some kind of lack of fitting between the hose and the bag itself, but we can't figure it out. Has anyone ever had this problem with a dirt devil? Any ideas about what to do? Thanks a lot!
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Re: Very little suction and a whistling noise
Reply #1   Oct 23, 2012 1:40 am
You are not installing the bag properly, most likely.  What is the style/type of bag?  It should have a letter.

These Chinese-made vacuum cleaners use a hose, which when installed, will lower just inside the vac bag opening.  This prevents any debris from escaping, when the machine is turned on.  Remove the hose from the machine.  Then open the bag compartment and remove the bag frame, which holds the bag.  Make sure the bag is installed on the frame properly.  There is only one way the bag will fit.  Now, reinstall the frame and bag into the vacuum.  It should slide down into slot(s).  Close the lid.  You should be able to look in the hose inlet of the vacuum and see into the bag.  If it is not installed properly, you will most likely see part of the bag collar.  It will look like a crescent moon.  The hose cannot fit in the vacuum, when the bag is like this.  If the bag is installed properly, then the hose can be inserted into the vacuum cleaner quite easily.

Also make sure the ends of the bag are tucked into the bag compartment, because they can keep the vacuum from having a good seal if stuck in between the vacuum base and the lid.
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Joined: Oct 22, 2012
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Re: Very little suction and a whistling noise
Reply #2   Oct 30, 2012 5:45 pm
Thanks Mike. It is an "R" bag. We have no idea how we didn't install it properly because we can see directly into the bag. It appears to be lined up correctly. Thanks again. Riley
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