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Launch of Electrolux Precision Uprights
Original Message   Sep 26, 2012 11:01 pm
AB Electrolux launches a new upright vacuum cleaner.  It may not sound new, because AB Electrolux used the name for their Eureka Precision upright w/power drive.  The new Precision is only similar in name only.  Looking at the Precision and the Nimble, one can tell that they are sibling models.  If you recall, I discussed the Electrolux Nimble, and its "swivel feature", in the past.  I did not care for this feature, because I did not think it worked that well.  Plus, it was heavy to turn/twist the handle.  This time, they decided to leave out the swivel on the Precision.

This upright still has the heavy "handleweight" like I mentioned w/the Nimble.  That can be a problem for some, who may have alot of area to vacuum.  It may get tiring after a while; having to hold the weight in your hand.

The Precision upright looks stylish, but I kept coming back to it and wondering what was "off" w/it.  It looked like the upper body was larger than the base or footprint.  I can see the same thing w/ Euro Pro's Shark Navigator upright.  The large upfront exhaust filter looks like a big wart.  This, along with the mass from the bagless upper body make this machine impossible to lower horizontally.  With most uprights, if one wants to lower the handle to the ground, one must push the handle release again.  With this machine, you cannot do that. 

Who else has also had the chance to get a feel for this machine in person?
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Re: Launch of Electrolux Precision Uprights
Reply #1   Oct 9, 2012 4:20 pm
Lot of issues, for anyone not having the funds to purchase a Sebo, Riccar, or Miele upright a bagged Hoover wind tunnel, Mexico made not china 79-199 can't be beat, 22 years in vac business
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