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Tooth Whitening

A sunny, white smile seems to be required of all bright young things these days. Your own self confidence might be suffering because your smile reveals dingy, yellow teeth, but there are a number of alternatives to achieving a, if not blindingly white smile, at least a brighter, healthier looking one. Almost two billion dollars a year is spent on tooth whitening in the USA, so you are not alone in your quest.

There are three options for someone who is looking to whiten their teeth: bleaching at your dentist's office, bleaching at home with a kit either from the dentist or bought at the local drug store, or more basic toothpastes that whiten as they clean.

First stop is at your dentist's office. He/she will take a look at the staining on your teeth and let you know if you are a good candidate for bleaching. Whitening works best on yellowing teeth, less well on brown or gray looking teeth and not at all on bonded, crowned or eroded teeth.

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